An Awkward Arrangement Rebecca Ashley

ISBN: 9780449220870

Published: August 23rd 1992

Mass Market Paperback


An Awkward Arrangement  by  Rebecca Ashley

An Awkward Arrangement by Rebecca Ashley
August 23rd 1992 | Mass Market Paperback | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, talking book, mp3, RTF | | ISBN: 9780449220870 | 9.36 Mb

With her flaming hair, flashing eyes, and outspoken ways, she was a prime example of those confounding Irish.Molly Mills plan to return to her native Ireland did not include a handsome stranger appearing at her door, announcing that the heirloom furniture shed purchased for her uncle had been stolen from the aforementioned strangers ancestral home.

Furthermore, every stock of it would have to be returned before the Prince Regents visit!She wondered briefly what Lord Lindworth might look like with his hair unkempt from a wild horse ride over the Irish countryside, but she gave up, he seemed so stiff, so very English. Besides, shed bought the furniture and intended to keep it.Her uncle, at least, had more sense and agreed to return everything. But Lindworth never dreamed the old coot would invite himself to the Lindworth estate, thereby creating a house party that included the intractable Miss Mills and a love triangle as stormy as the Irish sea....

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