Petronius and Anatomy of Fiction Victoria Rimell

ISBN: 9781280436475

Published: January 9th 2009


239 pages


Petronius and Anatomy of Fiction  by  Victoria Rimell

Petronius and Anatomy of Fiction by Victoria Rimell
January 9th 2009 | ebook | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, talking book, mp3, RTF | 239 pages | ISBN: 9781280436475 | 3.58 Mb

Petronius Satyricon, long regarded as the first novel of the Western tradition, has always sparked controversy. It has been puzzled over as a strikingly modernist riddle, elevated as a work of exemplary comic realism, condemned as obscene and repackaged as a morality tale.

This innovative reading of the surviving portions of the work shows how the Satyricon fuses the anarchic and the classic, the comic and the disturbing, and presents readers with a labyrinth of narratorial viewpoints. Dr Rimell argues that the surviving fragments are connected by an imagery of disintegration, focused on the pervasive Neronian metaphor of the literary text as a human or animal body. Throughout, she discusses the limits of dominant twentieth-century views of the Satyricon as bawdy pantomime, and challenges prevailing restrictions of Petronian corporeality to material or non-metaphorical realms.

This novel emerges as both very Roman and very satirical in its intestinal view of reality.

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